Saturday, November 15, 2008


Ladies and Gentleman, last Sunday, November 9, 2008 Shannon Rush, star defender of Bellingham's finest soccer club, known as Your Grandma, had the rare opportunity to play striker and she did not disappoint. In a hard fought loss Shannon scored her team's only goal, her first in a distinguished 3 year career.

This was no gimme, folks. It was a beaut!!

Her teammate, Erik Meyer, streaked down the right wing before finding Shannon positioned perfectly at the top of the box. He made a beautiful pass right to Shannon, who one-timed it solidly into the lower left corner, leaving the sprawling goal-tender no chance.

Deliberations are currently under way among the management regarding whether Shannon--who has been known as "The Wall" for her defensive prowess--would better serve the team in an offensive role full time. Some commentators speculate Your Grandma is looking into emerging cloning technologies in order to have Shannon play both positions.


Stacey said...

NICE! Way to go Shannon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Shanni! Way to go!

:) Natalie