Sunday, May 20, 2007

Celebrating Life: A birth, a death, and milestones in between...

It has been a full week for us. Mother's Day with the Gracey's on Saturday and the Rush's on Sunday. My birthday on Tuesday. My mom's birthday on Wednesday, Our good friends, Eric and Emily Frazier, had their baby girl, Keely Wynne on Thursday. I got to visit them twice in the hospital; once on Thursday by myself, and once with Brian on Friday. Friday was also my grandma and my cousin's birthdays. Several friends celebrated birthdays this week, and more next; all at different stages of life. Friday my sister called to say that my great-grandma passed away. It was strange to be experiencing both extremes of life standing in the hospital holding baby Keely and thinking about memories of my great-grandma, in the midst of a week of birthday celebration. I'm not sure what I think about it all right now. I probably will have more thoughts after the memorial service, which will be held on my great-grandma's birthday, June 4th. It will be my first funeral. I'm lucky. But most of all I just keep thinking "Celebrate every stage of life."

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