Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lower School Spirit Week 2015

Spirit Week by Magnolia

Spirit Week is a week where you dress up in clothes you wouldn’t usually go to school wearing. Spirit week is the last week of school. It’s run by the 5th graders. 

Monday was Pajama Day. I wore my favorite nightie. Kaleia kept thinking I wasn’t dressed for the day because I was in pajamas and I usually am in clothes. Mama didn't get a picture of this day.

Tuesday was hero day. I dressed up as Jesus. It was very hard to get on because Mama kept changing her ways of making it stay on and switched the blue robe thing, etc, and I kept having to put it on and it fell off, and once I had to go the bathroom.

Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday. I wore a purple shirt and yellow/orange/red zig-zagged shorts and a white tank top over the purple shirt. Kaleia kept thinking that you took off your clothes and whacked people with your clothes. 

Thursday was Spirit Day. Spirit Day is when you wear lots of Catlin Gabel colors and stuff. I wore blue shorts and blue underwear, mostly white socks, and a tie-dyed white and blue Catlin Gabel shirt.

Friday there isn't any dress up because it is graduation day for the 5th graders and they are the ones planning Spirit Week. The 5th graders need to wear nice clothes. So we just will wear normal clothes for the last day of school.

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