Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ambitions to be Rapunzel Chopped!

For about a year, Maggie has been growing her hair out. She wanted it to be long like Rapunzel's, or flowing like a mermaid when in the bath. So I was quite surprised this week when she said, "Remember that time in China that I cut my hair short and surprised everyone at school? I want to do that again!" After waiting it out for a few days to be sure, I pulled out my scissors and re-watched youtube videos on cutting little girls hair and went for it. 

Not perfect, but she loves it! Just right for the summer heat!

Little sis did not want to be left out, but her short locks did not allow for a drastic change that would draw the attention Maggie's cut would. At first I just trimmed a bit off the back. Not good enough. 

So I gave her some bangs for a bigger change and to be different than her sister.   


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