Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pizza play date

Recently, we were treated to a "play date" at Magnolia's classmate, Leonore's house. The girls had a blast playing in their huge playroom and making their very own pizzas in a real oven. Brian and I enjoyed talking with Leonore's mom Isabelle, a long time Beijing resident (she's been here 12 years!). We were also treated to a more adult meal and delicious wine. Brian got to practice his French a little as that is their family's first language. We were shocked to learn that Leonore's only been speaking English since this summer. She and Kaleia are kindred spirits, of a terrible kind.  Cute, full of energy, and an appetite for mischief that takes full advantage of their cuteness.  

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Anonymous said...

Having seen Leonore and Kaleia in action I concur that they are definatley two of a kind. I'm just glad they're not 13.