Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Words of the Week: Candy-Candy, Person, Ubberbuddy, Ointmeal

Ointmeal (noun): a cooked breakfast made from ground or rolled oats

Ubberbuddy (pronoun): every person

Candy-Candy (noun): a stick of hard candy with a curve at one end, usually peppermint-flavored with red and white stripes

Person (noun): a small bag, pouch or case for carrying things, usually used by women**

Video Examples:

**This one, that has been said for weeks, corrected itself before I got it on video. So sad.

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Anonymous said...

Kaleia, you are growing up so fast. Nana misses your sweet little voice. Remember, "Kaleia Shalom, Kaleia Shalom, there's hope, peace and happiness, love and joy too...they're all in your name, it's a gift just for you!
I love you,