Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Questions

Several months ago, Magnolia's best bedtime stall tactic was to say she had a question. We quickly limited it to three questions and it has now become a permanent (and beloved) part of the bed time routine.

Some questions get repeated frequently, giving her the security that her world is consistent. "How many clouds are on my wall?" Eleven. She loves these questions that affirm that she knows the answer.

Some seem out of the blue and show you how much her little brain is working. Her curiosities have a place to be expressed. "What is water?" "When I came out of your tummy, where was Kaleia? Which side was she on?" These questions always catch me off guard and give me the most challenge.

Others are evident of something she may be worried about or needs to process. "What happened in the Monster movie?" Her favorite movie is Monsters, Inc. and she always wants to end with the fact that the little girl makes it back to her room.

I am thankful for our little ritual and hope she always feels comfortable asking us questions.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the challenging three questions phase. I loved it too!