Sunday, February 6, 2011

Silent Reading

Recently, our friend Ethan was over. While I was taking care of the girls, he decided to read a little on the couch. After observing him for a minute, Magnolia looks at me puzzled.

Maggie: "Mama, why Ethan not know the words?"

Me: "He knows the words."

Maggie: "But he is not saying them."

Whoa. Didn't anticipate that one. How does one explain silent reading?

Me: "Um, He is reading the words in his head? Do you ever read the words in your head?"

Maggie: "No, I always say them loud."

And she returned to play. I am glad my simplistic answers are all she needs at this point.

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Anonymous said...

She constantly amazed me at that age and still does today!