Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Conversation Has Legs

Sitting in the Haggen cafeteria across the booth from Magnolia she occasionally gets excited and kicks.  My knees happen to be occupying the space she is intending to kick so I say "ow" and explain to her that she is causing me pain.  This happens several times.

Nearing the end of our meal I turn to clean Kaleia, who is in her car seat on the table.  Magnolia is done eating and has turned sideways, facing out of the booth, and starts muttering to herself.  As I give Kaleia the ol' you-can't-get-away-from-me-if-I-really-smoosh-your-face wipe off I hear Mags scolding, "uh uh," then I feel a kick, followed by an emphatic "uh uh!"

I turn to give her the stink eye but she is already facing away from me again.  

"Maggie, what are you doing?"

"I'm talking to my legs." 

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Anonymous said...

She is a marvel! I love the way her mind works. Give her a hug for me. Nana misses hearing her little voice.
Thank you for sharing these precious moments!