Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Words of the Week: Essehrday and Amorrow

Essehrday: (adverb) 1. the day proceding this one 2. a short time ago 3. any time previous to the present

All quotes from today:

"Essehrday we flew to Califoner on an airplane." (This happened two
months ago.)

"I had yogurt and Papa's cereal essehrday." (This happened this

"Essehrday we went to a park with a playground and the ocean." (This
happened just a little while ago.)

Amorrow: (adverb) 1. the day following this one 2. a future period of time

"Where are we going amorrow?"


Sarah said...

Oh my, I am loving the word of the week posts! Maggie is so darling!

Grandma said...

Very cute words by Miss Magnolia! I recall from years back that either Ella or Noah coined the tern 'yestermorrow". We never did figure out which day that was.