Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reindeer Poll

These birthiversary cupcakes became a bigger deal than I first imagined. We have a hard time just doing plain ones now. To the point that sometimes the blog gets delayed due to perfecting our masterpieces. Brian gave me the book Hello, Cupcake! for my birthday which has some great designs, but has also taught me some tricks for my own.

Sometimes the delay comes from artistic disagreement over as was the case with this month's reindeer. So we want to hear from you: Which reindeer do you like best?

#1: Small cupcake, big antlers, peanut butter cup snout

#2: Big cupcake, Little Antlers and Hostess Ding-Dong Snout

#3: Big Cupcake, Big Antlers, and Hostess Ding-Dong Snout

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