Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Little Monkeys Strolling through the Night

When we ask her what she is going to say when she knocks on the door, Magnolia says, "Cold milk." Well, actually, she says "Coe-Meh" but we know what she means. And for someone who doesn't know what candy is you might think this is a reasonable request but what it signals to us, the proud parents of this little monkey, is trick-or-treating is not going to last very long. "Coe-meh," besides being Magnolese for cold milk is, at this time of night, code for "nigh-night time."

Maggie starts strong. Despite being tired, the joy of putting small colored objects in a bag sustains her. Putting small objects in containers is pretty much the coolest and she can do it with the best of them. Doing it at night, at strangers doors, in a monkey suit? Even better!!

She never quite figures out "trick-or-treat" but her knocking definitely improves from almost non-existant to kinda audible as the night progresses. She is never scared and not even all that shy. She musters a few thank-yous and gives one enthusiastic "Bye Man!" After which she just stands staring at the door. She does this at every house as if to say, "Aren't you gonna invite me in?"

We only go to about ten houses--half the time with only her entourage of family and friends, and half with a bumblebee, an astronaut, piglet, eeyore and cinderella--before the other monkey--the sleeping one--needs a better bed than a walking banana, and Magnolia needs her coe-meh.

Our cute monkeys were part of a Halloween photoshoot with Evantide Photography...Check it out!


theRachel said...

Ok, Brian - what were you dressed as? I can't see your costume clearly enough.

Brian said...

I was a sad excuse for a tree. Or a tree who didn't have enough time to make enough leaves. :) We were monkey accesories.

Margaret said...

Very cute.

Sarah said...

That last picture of Kaleia asleep in your arms is pretty funny!

kate said...

such cute pics.

Loved your comment on my post. You are right about honesty needing to be a part of blogs.

Hope you are doing well and adjusting to life with two at such a close age. I love watching my girls play now. They laugh so hard at each other (they also fight well too). Hope you are keeping up.

Jodi said...

You were a banana for Halloween!!! Cutest costume theme of the year.

Anonymous said...

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