Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maggie Goes to the Dentist

Maggie visited the dentist for the first time last Friday. After playing with all the toys in the waiting room and checking out the fish, they gave us a tour and took us into a room to talk about their procedures. Magnolia received a giant toothbrush to play with while Mama filled out paperwork.
Then they tried to teach her about brushing her teeth with a giant dog puppet and she got to look at her teeth with the mirrors.

Finally, the dentist came in and looked at her teeth. Magnolia did not like having a strange man put his fingers in her mouth. Assessment: Teeth (all 14 of them!) and gums look great, but she is teething and looks like she will be for the next few months as her two year molars come in.


squeekymomma said...

I'm working up the courage to take my squirrelly little guy to the dentist for the first time - I just imagine him biting the dentist, or otherwise clinging to the door handle trying to escape. Who did you take Magnolia to? How did they manage her not wanting to have "strange fingers" in her mouth? just curious since it looks like you guys had a pretty positive experience!

Shannon Rush said...

I noticed on Sunday that Justin has lots more teeth! We took Maggie to Dr. Kimberley and Dr. Galbraith. They have a pediatric practice and are really aware of how to make it easy for little ones. They only go as far as would be comfortable for the child. She got to sit on my lap while he looked at her teeth and was super fast. I'm not even sure he would have looked the first time if she hadn't seemed ok the rest of the visit. The first few visits are mostly just to create a positive experience. I would really recommend them. :) Good luck.