Friday, February 13, 2009

The Challenges of a Non-Existent Birthday

Recently I called to make an appointment for Maggie's 1 year check up.

Receptionist: When will your daughter be one?

Me (hestitantly): February 28th?

Receptionist: What is her name?

Me: Magnolia Rush

Receptionist (concerned): Uh, don't you mean February 29th?

Me: Well, there isn't a Febuary 29th this year.

Receptionist (relieved): Oh yeah. Right.

I think she thought I forgot my daughter's birthday! Really I was just trying to keep the conversation simple. I guess I will have to be longwinded from now.

The joys and pains of a Leap Day birthday have begun!


Anonymous said...

That is too funny, Shanni! :)

I'm sure you and Brian will figure out how to celebrate Magnolia's unique birthday well. If we're voting, I think from Noon on the 28th to Noon on the 1st would be fun...or, just two solid days of celebration when it's not Leap Year.

Hope all are well at your house!

Love, Natalie

Anonymous said...

PS--When do you find out if Maggie gets a sister or a brother? (I think it's soon if I've done the math right with your "Sex Poll" post...) :) Nat

Margaret said...

I think the birthday would technically be March 1st. How do you justify moving it ahead a day?

Brian said...

Actually, for all legal purposes, on non-leap years the 28th is the day. For example, if there happened to be some kind of vote on Feb. 28, 2026, Magnolia would be eligible. Exactly three years later she could go out for a drink.

Plus, even if it wasn't a legal thing, it's in the same month, which is less confusing.

Margaret said...

That's crazy there's a law about it. I guess someone in the government had to figure out what to do with the tiny percentage of children born on Feb 29th.