Friday, December 7, 2007

Weighty Comments

Now that it is obvious that I am pregnant, people are beginning to be a bit more bold with their comments. Almost daily I hear things like "You look great", "Wow, you are finally starting to pop", "I don't know if you are going to make it to February", "You are hardly showing." Here are a few recent, unusual ones.

Otis's vet: "Christmas baby?"
Me: "No, we are due in February, so we have a few more months to wait."
Otis's vet: Oh (stutters for something to say) it must be your coat" *nervous laughter*

Co-worker: "Oh hi, when did you get back from maternity leave?"
Me: "Actually, I haven't left yet. We are due in February."
Co-worker: "I guess I really haven't seen you since school started." (This was a strange comment since my role at school has me in front of the staff nearly every month.)

Both of these happened on the same day and were made by women that have had children. The next two comments came from students in my Pre-Algebra class.

Boy: Mrs. Rush are you losing weight?
Me: No, (boy) I am actually gaining weight, because I am pregnant, remember?
Boy: Oh, I thought you might not be anymore. Last week you looked more pregnant.
Me: I think it depends on what I am wearing.

While I squatted down to help a student by their desk, another girl says, "Mrs. Rush, your butt is really big. You really shouldn't squat down like that."

It's amazing how pregnancy makes everybody feel comfortable sharing their opinions on your body.


erinn::haley said...

this is funny. :) hope you and baby are doing well. love the idea of a babymoon.

B'gosh said...

I have been keeping up with your blog for quite some time now, but have never felt as compelled to comment on anything until now.

Isn't it absolutly AMAZING how off the wall and totally opposite people's comments are? I love it when people try to guess what the sex of the baby is, just by the way you are carrying--high or low. And every other person is so off.

What ever happened to not saying ANYTHING until the mom tells you she's pregnant, or the month you're due, or that you're NOT pregnant??? I think we should go back to that....